How do I install an M.2 SSD on my computer?

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Safety precautions before installation:

The current mainstream pin type for M.2 SATA SSD is mostly the B+M Key:

It is mainly designed to correspond to the M Key or B Key specifications that can be employed on various platforms.

The following figure merely simulates a possible circumstance.

Please make sure that the platform specifications are consistent with those of the SSD and that the installed direction is correct.

Otherwise, the SSD may be undetectable, and even in extreme cases, it may burn-out.

Installation procedures:

1. Power off the host.

Press the shutdown button of the operating system to turn off the power of the host correctly.

2. Remove the external power source 

Remove the external power cord, detachable battery or power supply to ensure that the host is completely powered off.

3. Open up the case

How you perform this step may vary according to the model of the host. For specific instructions, please refer to the host manual.

4. Grounding

Simply touch the unpainted metal surface to complete grounding.

Grounding provides an extra layer of protection by protecting the computer from static electricity that innately exists in your body.

5. Find the slot for M.2 SSD

Since each host model is different, please refer to the host manual for the exact location of the M.2 SSD.

6. Insert the M.2 SSD

Depending on the difference of the computer host, you may need to remove the heat sink or screws inside the computer host before installing the M.2 SSD.

Carefully hold the M.2 SSD on both sides and be aware not to touch the gold connector pins.

Align the notch on the SSD with that of the PCIe slot, and insert it at a 20-degree angle.

If the groove position of the M.2 SSD plug does not match the foolproof protrusion of the slot, please do not insert it forcibly.

To fixate the hard drive, you may need to screw the screws into the mounting holes on the motherboard. Do not over-tighten the screws.

7. Reassemble the system

 After the M.2 SSD is firmly inserted, resume the other parts to their original positions and reconnect the external power supply device that may have been removed.

8. Turn on the computer

Press the power-on button and the M.2 SSD shall function normally.

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