Wi-Fi SD Card

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*To prevent your camera from turning off during data transmission, turn off or adjust the camera power settings and enable “Live View” shooting mode.

*Formatting the Wi-Fi SD card with untested card readers may cause problems. To offer the best compatibility, we recommend the following Transcend card readers: RDP5, RDP7, RDP8, RDF5, RDF8.
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*The power-on voltage of the Olympus OMD EM-5 sometimes rises too slowly, which can prevent the Wi-Fi signal from appearing.

Please turn the camera on first and then insert the Wi-Fi SD card.

*For Panasonic cameras, please click here for more conditional compatible models.
*Because the Wi-Fi SD card consumes more power than a normal SD card, some cameras may not provide sufficient power in certain shooting modes. To avoid any possible errors, we suggest that you DO NOT use the Wi-Fi SD card with the cameras listed below.