DrivePro. Built for life.DrivePro™ 230
Unleash performance beyond expectationPCIe Gen3 x4 MTE850 M.2 SSD
Free up storage space on your iOS devicesJetDrive™ Go 500
SuperMLC TechnologyA cost-effective solution that offers performance almost equivalent to SLC NAND Flash
Guide to selecting an SSD
SSDs are a solid choice for your PC as an upgrade or add-on because of fast speed, no noise, shock resistance and low power consumption. Getting to know the NAND flash chips helps you pick the SSD that suits you best.
The perfect match for your iOS device
Transcend's Lightning offerings, crafted for use with iOS devices, include a smart card reader for instant file transfer between Apple devices and memory cards, and flash drives for immediate storage expansion.
USB Type-C: simplifying life.
New songs, new movies, new devices, new connections! While USB Type-A and Type-B connectors prevail, the new USB Type-C connector has been released to gradually replace the others.
Conformal Coating
Transcend offers conformal coating as a customization option on its full range of embedded-use flash and DRAM products to increase their protection against a wide variety of environmental conditions.
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